Policies and Procedures


With an intention to foster good practices in NGO Operations and capacity strengthening, IPN has implemented certain policies within the organization. At this time, the following policies of IPN have been approved by the Board of Directors and being practiced.

  • Personal policy.
  • Employee’s benefits policy.
  • Official holidays/ leave regulations.
  • Recruitment and selection policy.
  • Ending of employment at IPN.
  • Performance appraisal Policy.
  • Training and Carrier development policy.
  • Travel Policy.
  • Loan/Advances Policies.
  • Discipline and General conduct.
  • Sexual harassment policy.
  • Child protection policy.
  • Fund raising policy.
  • Gender policy.
  • Grievance settlement policy.
  • Procurement policy.
  • Financial policy for management and projects.
  • Financial manual.