Completed Projects


1. Project title: 

Revival of Indigenous Culutral Heritage (RICH) Kohistan.

RICH-Revival of indigenous cultural heritage is an initiative of the directorate of culture, govt. of KhyberPakhtunkhawa. It was started in February this year simultaneously in all the districts of KP while involving dozens of civil society organizations in one time. This was the first time ever historical public private partnership in the province where dozens of civil society organizations were implementing the same project with focused activities and objectives. RICH KOHISTAN was implemented by initiative for people in Need (IPN) in district Kohistan. A total of 6 main activities and 9 sub-activities while making 15 number of activities as part of this project to be implemented in a period of two months (February & March). This report is the project completion report. It talks about the successes, failures, challenges, lessons learnt as well as financial narratives. 

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