Indus Kohistani Language

Work is in progress on the following books of Indus Kohistani and very soon all published books will be uploaded to the website.

1. Indus Kohistani, Urdu and English conversation book.

2. Dictionary in Indus Kohistani.

3. Riddell in Indus Kohistani.

4. Translation of Quran into Indus Kohistani language.

5. Translation of few Hadith into Indus Kohistani language.

Published books:

1. A proverbs book in Indus Kohistani language having a translation into English and Urdu published which is written by Talib Jan Abasindhi.

Other things:

1. Indus Kohistani Andriod keyboard has been installed and now people are using it.

Link to access this keyboard on google play store is here. You can download it and use it.