Careers at IPN

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In action and attitude, IPN staff demonstrates that we are:

  • Inspired. We have an unshakable belief in human potential and opportunities for positive change.
  • Passionate. We are wholehearted in our efforts to contribute to a more just, peaceful and prosperous world.
  • Committed. We are dedicated to compassionate service of others, in pursuit of the common good.
  • Approachable. We earn the trust and respect of others, demonstrating humility and mutuality in building relationships.
  • Focused. We are determined in our pursuit of excellence to deliver results and create lasting impact.
  • Accountable. We are responsive and accountable to one another, our partners, donors and the people we serve.
  • Innovative. We are perpetually curious and adaptable, continually learning to improve the outcomes of our work.


IPN staff, alongside our partners and the people we serve, work daily to bring our mission and guiding principles to life. We share our stories of hope, compassion and solidarity to inspire others to join us in creating a more just and prosperous world for all.