Ongoing Projects


1. IPN running two projects now a days. The name of one Project is MTB-MLE in which we provide two years mother tongue based multi lingual education in Pre-school. A school is established in purely Indus Kohistani language and syllabus of MTB-MLE is teaching here in this school.Its all about the preservation of Indus Kohistani language.

Our Impact:

IPN and its partners promote and support access to quality basic education for all. The agency stands in solidarity with the most marginalized populations and works to make effective individual, structural, and systematic changes. Our programs span the Pakistan and widen the scope of what is thought to be possible.  We improve access and deliver basic literacy and life skills, through both formal and non-formal education systems. We provide opportunity and support to those we serve in order to ensure the best results possible.

2. Bright Youth Forum (BYF) 



Head office; IPN office, APS building near Post office, Main KKH road, Bazar colony, Dubbair Kohistan, KP.



Bright youth forum is set up by initiative for people in need (IPN), a non-government, and non-political, non-religious and nonpartisan organization. The objective behind the establishment of BYF is to use the youth for change and development in Shangla and Kohistan districts with an ultimate goal of having a just, fair, pluralistic and accountable society. That is formed for the capacity building of youth and identifying issues and their solution and eradication. The forum aims at creating awareness and democratic norms and values among the youth on twin district Shangla and Kohistan. Its objective is to work for the sovereignty and integrity of the district and country at large. The forum is tailored with keen exuberance to help the under privileged children to provide with better life through awareness raising, education and provision of basic amenities of life. BYF will extend its helping hands to the inhabitants of Kohistan during natural calamities, disasters or unfortunate incidents.

BYF is taking political initiatives for learning and exploring the political system of Pakistan. The forum is developing new ideas for the district while focusing social change and sustainable development. The forum is establishing debates for youth to train themselves with no tolerance for discrimination in the forum in any form.


Our Vision

BYF envision having confident and resilient youth, a vibrant, just, caring, and tolerant, society.


Our Mission

To use the natural talent and capacities of youth for change and development


Youth are well motivated as a catalyst for change and development in Shangla and Kohistan.



The entire philosophy of BYF shall center round the following core values.

  • Mutual respect..
  • Accountability.
  • Fair Play.
  • Equality.

For the pictorial and activities of BYF please click on the following facebook page.

3. Helping Others:

Its one of the IPN project in which we are collecting donations on monthly basis from few selected funders and distribute this amount on monthly basis among the vulnerable groups of communities. 

For the pictorial and activities of BYF please click on the following facebook page.