IPN Identity

Initiative for People in Need (IPN) is a pro-life organization dedicated to preserving the sacredness and dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Initiative for People in Need (IPN) is a manifestation of love for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. We protect, defend and advance human life in Pakistan by directly meeting basic needs and advocating solutions to injustice.

Values & commitment

  • IPN works passionately on a global scale to contribute to a more just, peaceful and prosperous world.
  • IPN uses innovative approaches to meet the world’s toughest humanitarian problems.     
  • IPN is committed to the pursuit of the common good and focused on delivering sustainable solutions that create lasting impact.
  • IPN is approachable and accountable to one another, our partners, donors and the people we serve.
  • IPN serves those people in greatest need, and is inspired by their potential and opportunities for positive change.

Integral human development approach

If IPN and its partners:

  • Protect human life and dignity by caring for poor and vulnerable people;
  • Increase resilience by protecting, building and maximizing family and community, human, social, political, physical, financial, natural and spiritual assets;
  • Promote just relationships between all people, within and across families, communities and nations; and
  • Increase equitable and inclusive access to and influence on structures and systems at all levels.

Then people can reach their full human potential in an atmosphere of peace, social justice and human dignity.


  • People use their assets to develop strategies to manage risk, build resilience and improve their lives,
  • People use their assets to influence structures and systems, and            
  • Social equity and inclusion are essential to creating an atmosphere of peace, social justice and human dignity.